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Ski Bumming in Fernie

A common question I get by email is about how to find a job and accommodation for someone wanting to spend the winter in Fernie. I really did not know how to answer these questions, so a few years ago I quizzed some folks about it, and came away with the following tidbits. These should be treated as hearsay and are now a bit dated, although as of 2007, the major change is that the strong job market, in Alberta in particular, has probably made getting a job here significantly easier. It seems few folks have had problems finding some sort of work in the last couple of seasons.

How to get a job?

With the possible exception of ski instructors, it does not seem like you can apply for a winter job remotely. You have to appear in person and trust to luck and timing. This probably means being in Fernie by September or earlier and you can pretty much forget arriving in November and finding something, Jobs on the hill go fast and things like liftie jobs may even be arranged from the previous year. One of the better hill jobs is being something like a janitor since the shifts work well for getting in lots of skiing. However there aren't many of these so luck and timing are critical. There is little turnover in jobs like maintenance and cat driving and those positions are often filled by training other staff.

Ski instructors should call the ski school +1.250.423.3515 or send their resume to:

Fernie Snow Valley Ski School
Box 1745
Fernie, B.C., V0B 1M0, Canada

How to find accommodation?

People often ask about the local papers, but you can pretty much forget them. They have very few accommodation listings and essentially nothing for the ski bum crowd. The standard operating procedure seems to be to come and stay in the hostel while waiting to make some contacts and find something. Most stuff is probably found from casual contacts in the bars or coffee shops. Like jobs, accommodation is in short supply and starts becoming scarce in September. You might also try my listings page and the jobs page on the Our Fernie site.