Craig's Unofficial Fernie Alpine Resort Page

Loading Trails on Mobile Google Earth

iPhone screenshot

If you want to take the trail descriptions on the hill with your mobile phone, it is possible to load them into the Google Earth application on an iPhone (I presume on an Android phone in a similar manner). When used with the apps ability to show where you are on a 3D landscape, it could be an interesting way to see just where you are on the hill. However it will be downloading data from the net over the cellular network, so be sure you have an appropriate data plan before doing so.

Unfortunately the Google Earth app on the iPhone cannot directly load the trails from the net, but it only takes a few steps in a web browser to get things working.

Log in to - Open a web browser and navigate to and click the Sign Inlink, currently at the upper right. You may well already have a Google account for one of Google's many services, like GMail, but if not follow the link to create one - it is free and easy.

Go to My Maps - Click on the My Maps link at the right of the blue header.

Create a New Map - If this is the first time you have used My Maps and haven't created any maps yet, click the Get Started button. If you already have maps, click on the Create New Map link at the top of the My Maps column.

Import the Trails - Click the Import link and when the dialog box appears, fill in the url field with this address:

Once the file has been imported and the trails appear on the map, you can set the title and description fields as you wish.

Note: don't be concerned if it appears as if some of the question mark icons are missing. This is a limitation of the maps page and will not be a problem in Google Earth. The question marks are included in the phone file as it is very hard to tap on the trail lines on the phone.

Tap the Done button.

Set Up the Phone App - Open up the Google Earth app on the iPhone. If you don't have this app, you can get it from the App store. This is the current link, but you can always just go to the iTune App Store and search for Google Earth.

Tap the i icon at the lower right of the screen and scroll down to the My Maps line. If you are already logged in, your login name should appear immediately below. If not, then tap the My Maps Account line above and log in with the same Google account you used in the browser.

Once you are logged in tap the My Maps line and tap the circle at the beginning of the line with the title you gave the map. Tap the Done button to return to the map screen and navigate to Fernie to see the trails. Tap a question mark icon to see the description for that trail. If you are on the hill, you can use the locate icon at the lower left of the screen to show your position.

Another nice feature is that you can go back to map in My Maps and if you tap that line, you will see a list of the trails. Tap any line to see the description, or tap the icon at the left to have the trail shown on the map.

Miscellany - I have tested this on an iPhone 4 and a on an iPad and I believe it should work on other Apple iOS devices as well as Android devices. If you do try it on an Android, please let me know how it works out.

The current trails files were updated on October 30, 2010. You might want to check this page occasionally to see if there is a newer version. If so just go to the Google Maps page as described above, select the appropriate map and reimport the file, replacing all the current elements.