Craig's Unofficial Fernie Alpine Resort Page

Where is FAR?


This map dates back to the days when the ski area was called Fernie Snow Valley, a moniker still preferred by many locals. It is of course rather out of date with regard to driving from Calgary, but I keep it for nostalgia reassons. My preferred route is down Highway 22 and if I were coming from the airport I would go down the Deerfoot Trail to Highway 22X, then west to the Highway 22 turnoff and then south to Highway 3. There is less divided highway than following Highway 2, but it is shorter and less vulnerable to winter white outs. In good weather it is slightly faster continuing down highway 2 to Nanton, and then across 533 to highway 22. Driving time in good weather should be about 3 1/2 hours or a little more if you take speed limits literally or have anything other than the briefest of gas stops. I have seen claims 3 hours to the airport, but this is pretty optimistic. I have timed this drive many times and to really achieve those kinds of times requires driving much faster than most people are willing to with no stops. This used to be easy in good weather, but Highway 22 is now quite well patrolled making such speeds harder to maintain.