Alph is no longer for sale.

I am afraid revenue generated from Alph has not proven to be sufficient to justify its continued sale. I greatly appreciate the support of the folks who have purchased Alph in the past and hope that it will continue to serve you well in the future.

This and related pages will be maintained for archival purposes only.


Natural Gas Liquefaction Example

From your device, you can download the completed Natural Gas Liquefaction example


This example is adapted from an example for VMG's VMGSim process simulator and represents a natural gas liquefaction process as represented in this PFD from VMGSim:

The names in the Alph case roughly correspond to those in the VMGSim example except 'f' is used for the fluids, rather than the 'S' for streams. Thus stream 'S6' in the PFD would be represented by fluid 'f6' in Alph.