Alph is no longer for sale.

I am afraid revenue generated from Alph has not proven to be sufficient to justify its continued sale. I greatly appreciate the support of the folks who have purchased Alph in the past and hope that it will continue to serve you well in the future.

This and related pages will be maintained for archival purposes only.


Alph Hysim 1.0 Example

Note - this example requires the NG edition of Alph

From your iPhone, you can download the completed example


This is really just an exercise in nostalgia on my part. I couldn't resist using Alph to recreate the example in the the very first Hysim manual for the 1980 release of Hysim 1.0. The flowsheet is similar to, but slightly more complicated than the Alph tutorial and introduces no new techniques, so I won't bother explaining the various formulas used. However I do have some snapshots of from the old manual. Note the lovely handcrafted ascii art flowsheet and how streams 14 at 350 psia and 16 at 215 psia are mixed together to form an output stream at the higher pressure. I faithfully reproduced this error in the Alph case.

The results are fairly comparable, but in 1980 all of the hydrocarbon-hydrocarbon interaction parameters in Hysim would have been 0, so some differences are inevitable. Unfortunately Hysim did not even have a way at that point to indicate which variables had been specified. There also was no set, adjust, mix or valve operations, although there was a shortcut distillation operation and a way to retrieve splits for the splitter operation from an external distillation program. We were clearly very bold to believe we could sell such a thing, but ... :-)

A Work of Art

The Results